Leave Me Breathless
HEY THERE SWEETIEE!! welcome to my blogg. ^_^ Let me introduce myself.
im 12 years old and im 5"3. i love One direction. like, who doesn't? i love to sing,paint and all. i grew up beside the beach :D und. i write 1d fanfictions. heres the link:http://www.wattpad.com/story/3657692-my-last-day-with-you-niall-horan-fanfiction
Please follow me? :">
okay im so inlove with this font.
AND im blabbering too much. kay thats all!!
toodles!! <3<br /> -onedirection rocks.
message me any time!! don't be shy!
i do imagines too! just message me your name the boy you like and the scene. ill do it right away ^_^
the pepsi coomercial. wakuu!
  1. the pepsi coomercial. wakuu!

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    I love his silly faces, they make him look even sexier! 😍😘😂
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